Success Story Part 2: "Why GMAT… Why!"

(This is the second in a series of blog posts in which Julie DeLoyd, a Veritas Prep GMAT alumna-tuned-instructor, will tell the story of her experience through the MBA admissions process. Julie will begin her MBA program at Chicago Booth this fall. You can read Part 1 of her story here.)

“The GMAT. THE GMAT.” That’s what kept going through my head. Would I be going to business school? The result of this one test was the answer.

My mother used to write for a lot of the big standardized tests: The SAT, GRE, you name it. As a child I took a lot of satisfaction in reading the first draft of the questions; my sisters and I often made cameos in the word problems. One time I owned a pizza shop, another time I was driving from my home to a friend