Harvard Business School to Accept the GRE

Yesterday Harvard Business School joined the likes of Stanford GSB and MIT Sloan when it announced that its general two-year MBA program will starting accepting the GRE from applicants this fall. This move comes after the HBS 2+2 Program announced in March that it would accept both the GRE and the GMAT this year. While this won’t affect your plans if you have already taken (or are about to take) the GMAT, it will potentially attract a bigger and more diverse applicant pool to Harvard’s two-year MBA program.

In an HBS press release, director of admissions Dee Leopold said, “We are pleased to widen our requirements to give all MBA candidates the option of submitting results from either the GRE or GMAT exams. Since many HBS applicants are also considering graduate programs besides the MBA, there is now no need for them to take the GMAT if they have already taken the GRE. We believe that both the GMAT and the GRE meet our expectations of what a standardized test can tell us about a candidate’s ability to thrive in our MBA Program.”

This is consistent with the school’s push (of which the HBS 2+2 Program is an important part) to find more business leaders outside of the traditional MBA program feeders, such as business-oriented college programs, investment banks, and consulting firms. It also marks another win for ETS in its push to position the GRE as a credible competitor to the GMAT in assessing MBA applicants’ abilities. With a handful of top-ten schools already accepting the GRE, we expect more schools will soon follow suit.

With ETS making slow but steady progress in winning over the top business schools, it’s no wonder that the Graduate Management Admission Council has started to make noise about producing a next-generation GMAT exam, due to reach the market by 2013.

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  1. preppy says:

    Anyway!! First, anyone in the business world knows what is going on. Too many of the smart people on the fast track and people who are NOT so smart who made it onto the fast track are not applying and/or out right skipping Business School. Strange there is a growing pool of people who are becoming future business leaders and they did not learn those skills in MBA schools or won't be able to give their new found wealth to a graduate school! Second, the GMAT backfired. The GMAT has become ridiculously hard, especially the math section, and has become too effective in screening people out. Too many people take the GMAT once get a horrible or mediocre score and decided to purse other opportunities. Third, does any believe that someone who is unsure if he or she should apply to MBA, graduate English, graduate math, graduate psychology, or other programs that require the GRE is business school material? The programs are so vastly different. The applicant must be scattered if he or she is having such a debate. Fourth, schools are loosing out on easy money to get a bunch of people to apply who you would eventually get rejected. There was a top 15 business school that recently lamented that its application pool has shrunk. In particular, the test score range for the application pool is exactly the same as the GMAT score range of the admitted student population. The school claimed that it could be missing out on valuable candidates who could contribute to the environment. During, the 90s this school was ranked in the top 10. The school

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