Announcing Veritas Prep’s Graduate School Admissions Consulting Services

We are pleased to announce the latest offering to Veritas Prep’s many admissions consulting options: graduate school admissions consulting.

Every week we receive dozens of calls to our headquarters from potential clients seeking help with a variety of graduate school applications. From masters programs in accounting and computer science to graduate degrees in the arts to PhD programs in economics, there are a multitude of subject areas requiring application perfection in order to gain access to the program of your dreams. We identified that there was a significant need for a service that would help as many people as possible by zeroing in on the common factors inherent in all of those application types.

The thread that connects nearly every graduate school admissions process is the importance of the critical writing samples that populate the applications. Therefore, the Veritas Prep graduate school admissions consulting services focus on those key documents that will create the backbone of your application: the essays, the personal statement, and the resume.

The hallmarks of Veritas Prep are expertise and level of care. Each of these attributes are on full display here as clients are paired with an expert consultant who possesses at least two graduate degrees and is a published writer.

If you’re interested in general law school admissions or business school admissions consulting, visit our web site to learn more!