Yale SOM Application Essays and Deadlines for 2008-2009

The Yale School of Management recently released its application essays and deadlines for the 2008-2009 admissions season. Our comments are in italics:

Yale SOM Application Deadlines
Round 1: October 22, 2008
Round 2: January 7, 2009
Round 3: March 18. 2009

Yale SOM Application Essays

  1. Why a Yale MBA?

    What is the impact that you wish to have on the world? How will your previous experiences and a Yale MBA enhance your ability, in the short-term and long-term, to pursue a career that will allow you to achieve this impact? (500 words maximum)

    (This is very different from last year’s more standard “Why an MBA?” question. Like many other top schools, Yale seems to be moving away from that common question and trying to dig deeper. But don’t reach too far here… Be honest about what impact you see yourself having on the world. Yale does not expect to fill its class with a couple of hundred people who will stop global warming and end famine. Be honest about what you think an MBA will help you achieve, and why this is so. In that respect, this question is still the same as last year’s. We think Yale is simply looking for a more personal introspective bent, beyond just your career goals.)

  2. Leadership Example

    Describe a professional accomplishment that exhibits your leadership style. The accomplishment should include evidence of your leadership skills, a description of the actions you took, as well as the impact you had on your organization. (500 words maximum)

  3. (This is reworded from last year’s question, but the substance is very similar. You need to describe a time when your being there made something happen — something that wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for you.)

  4. Personal Statement 1

    Choose one of the following topics and answer it in essay form. Please indicate the topic number at the beginning of your essay. (500 words maximum)

    (1) A central premise of our teaching about leadership at the Yale School of Management is that true leadership