More on the Scoretop Scandal

The scandal has been the big business school news the past couple of days. We already posted an article on Monday about the FAQ released by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), but more information continues to come to light. GMAC released more information today, which was covered in this AP article.

According to GMAC spokeswoman Judy Phair, there are roughly 6000 scores that are in question now (though not necessarily 6000 students, as there could be multiple takes by the same student). Some posts on the site had users boasting about how familiar the questions were, with some being word for word.

And of course, GMAC’s claim that they will cancel illegitimate scores has universities and students alike scrambling to figure out what to do. Students who used in some way are worried about if their scores will be canceled, and universities need to figure out how to handle the possible cancellation of any current or incoming students’ scores.

GMAC has already said that they are targeting those people who used Scoretop in a way to try gaining an unfair advantage; casual accessing of the site isn’t going to be a problem (how that is defined isn’t perfectly clear, however). Phair stated that, “canceling scores is a really serious thing. We’re going to be careful but also we’re very serious about this.”

There’s still not a ton of information out regarding this whole situation, but if you have concerns, you should look over the FAQ, and read GMAC’s warning on the old And when it comes to preparing for the GMAT, make sure you’re only using legitimate services (like Veritas Prep).

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