Economic Slowdown = MBA Upswing

As many people probably have heard (especially if you’ve been getting your applicant profiles looked over on online forums), this year is going to be more competitive for MBA applicants. The reason for this is that as the economy slows, people are more likely to return to school and ride it out, so they’ll be able to put their brand new MBA to use when the economy strengthens up.

There is an interesting article in the Boston Herald today about just that, with figures from some top business schools on just how much their applicant pools increased for this fall’s class. Harvard’s received 16% more applications (they were up to 8600 applicants for this year’s class!). MIT Sloan saw the largest growth, with a 23% increase.

And one other thing to consider if you’re getting ready to apply: next year’s class is expected to have an even larger increase in applicants.