March Madness B-School Rankings

Brian recently posted up a nice article comparing the NCAA Tournament Season to the MBA application season, with some very sound advice. I, however, am going to take the onset of March Madness in another direction.

Everybody loves to look at school rankings. It’s how we determine the top business schools in the country. Every ranking uses its own criteria to determine the best schools, and these criteria can be quite complicated. But today, I offer you a much simpler ranking. These are the Top 25 business schools, based on their current AP Men’s Basketball Ranking. I tried to add the actual name of each business school in parentheses, but as many of these schools rarely grace the upper echelons of other, more “traditional” business school rankings, I couldn’t find them all. Also, some just don’t have them.

NCAA’s Top 25 Business Schools

1. North Carolina (Kenan-Flagler)
2. Memphis (Fogelman)
3. UCLA (Anderson)
4. Tennessee
5. Kansas
6. Texas (McCombs)
7. Duke (Fuqua)
8. Wisconsin
9. Georgetown (McDonough)
10. Xavier
11. Stanford
12. Butler
13. Louisville
14. Notre Dame (Mendoza)
15. Connecticut
16. Drake
17. Purdue (Krannert)
18. Vanderbilt
19. Michigan St. (Broad)
20. Gonzaga
21. Washington St.
22. Indiana (Kelley)
23. Davidson
24. BYU (Marriott)
25. Marquette

Should you decide to use my rankings in your search for a business school*, I do hope they prove useful. And if not, consider yourself well-informed for the start of the NCAA Tournament, which is rapidly approaching.

*Please note that while college basketball is extremely exciting, most experts would probably agree that you shouldn’t base your decision to attend a given MBA program on the success of the school’s basketball team.