Ace That Interview!

Part of your application to a graduate business program will be an interview. I think it goes without saying (though I’m going to say it anyways) that this interview is important. We already have a post on the proper dress for your interview, but I want to point you to another source.

MBA Podcaster did a podcast recently (as they have been known to do) called “Acing the MBA Interview”. It’s just under 18 minutes long, and well worth the listen. The post (link is below) also has a list of 34 topics to consider prior to your interview, and a transcript of the podcast, if you’d rather just read it.

Oh, and as a cool bonus? One of the guests on the podcast is none other than Veritas Prep’s own Chad Troutwine (one of our co-founders!). So give it a listen!

MBA Podcaster: “Acing the MBA Interview”