A B C – Always Be Cinematic

Is the absence of failure, success? Can one fail successfully? Can a businessman that has all but sold his soul to an M&A tycoon ever get back on the right path towards the asymptote of success? These are the types of issues that are explored in our revolving list of top business movies of all time.

Top Business Movies of All Time:

10. Pretty Woman: Not just another cinderalla story, but an interesting look at the life of an M&A tycoon with a heart of gold.

9. The Secret of My Success: This movie should be required viewing at top 5 consulting firms, just for the buzz words alone. Michael J. Fox helps an ailing corporate dinosaur synergize, become proactive and rediscover the inner bottom line!

8. Baby Boom: The glass ceiling is shattered in this gripping comedy that examines the difficulties of being an independent entrepreneur and a single mom. It also examines the awkward and ill-fitting suits that women had to wear in the 80’s.

7. Boiler Room: This thrilling movie examines the multiplicative effect of minor fraud and stars Giovanni Ribisi and that guy that was in Good Will Hunting with Matt Damon.

6. Barbarians at the Gate: The title of this movie pretty much explains what M&A is all about.

5. The Player: The dark nature of the film industry is brought to light in this anxious comedy starring Tim Robbins.

4. The Hudsucker Proxy: The true and completely factual story behind the invention of the hula hoop has nothing to do with this movie, but it does take a thrilling look at boardroom politics.

3. Trading Places: This hilarious 80’s comedy examines important social issues like when it is best to buy and hold pork belly futures – a gripping view of the commodities market.

2. Glengarry Glen Ross: Based on the play with the same name, this movie single-handedly generated over 8 million memorable quotes about Sales. “What’s my name? I drove here in an 80,000 dollar BMW – that’s my name.”

1. Wall Street: If you haven’t seen this gritty movie about business ethics, insider trading, and 80’s power suits, then you have no business in business. This movie will teach you things about business that you just can’t learn at B-School. You’ll learn all of the important things that you just wouldn’t learn anywhere else: importance of playing racquetball with other like minded 80’s power brokers; knowing how to get your foot in the door at major corporations; knowing how to extract and utilize valuable insider information. Most importantly, this movie helps us trace Sean Young’s career from Hollywood nobody to Hollywood somebody and back again.