Berkeley GMAT Prep Courses

Veritas Prep has completely deconstructed the exam and created proven GMAT preparation strategies to help its students beat the exam. Our 36-hour Berkeley GMAT class enables you to master even the most advanced material in the fastest, smartest, and easiest way possible. We have helped more than 30,000 students, including employees of top companies like Goldman Sachs and Microsoft, maximize their GMAT scores. We are sure that our GMAT prep courses can do the same for you. See why we’re the industry-leader in Berkeley GMAT Prep.

Berkeley GMAT Tutors

The Highest Standards

The Veritas Prep GMAT faculty is a select group. They have previous teaching experience as former Harvard and MIT professors, scientists, high school teachers, debate stars, and political strategists. In addition, every one of our Berkeley GMAT instructors has scored in the 99th percentile on an actual GMAT exam. Most instructors have several years in front of the classroom, and all have passed a rigorous screening process to ensure they have the ability to inspire Veritas Prep’s students.


Berkeley GMAT Course Location


Veritas Prep chooses each of its GMAT prep course locations to afford its students ultimate convenience. By selecting classrooms with proximity to major roadways and public transportation, we make sure that you will arrive to every class without being stressed about the small details that can get in the way of your learning.


Each of our course locations is carefully chosen to provide an ideal learning environment. Our modern, professional classrooms provide excellent lighting, comfortable seating, and optimal acoustics. Whether you’re the first or the last student to arrive to class, you will always have a great seat.


Veritas Prep offers a variety of formats in multiple locations worldwide, allowing you to decide when and where you prepare for the GMAT. In most cities, you can attend class on weekday evenings or weekends, with the option to complete the course in anywhere from six days to six weeks. Each lesson includes a prerecorded video version, available through your Veritas Prep TrueTrack account; if you miss a class, or simply want to review a lesson to get it right, you can review the entire lesson or select portions of it at your convenience. You may also attend class in a different location or a different date if the need arises, or even retake the entire course for free within six months, no questions asked.

Upcoming Berkeley GMAT Courses

Location Course Format Meets On Course Dates Meeting Time
Palo AltoFull Course - $1650 (syllabus) Tue / Thu Apr 07 - May 14 7pm - 10pm
San FranciscoFull Course - $1650 (syllabus) Wed / Sun Apr 22 - May 31 6:30pm - 9:30pm
San FranciscoFull Course - $1650 (syllabus) Tue / Thu May 05 - Jun 11 7pm - 10pm
San JoseFull Course - $1650 (syllabus) Sat May 09 - Jun 13 10am - 5pm
Palo AltoFull Course - $1650 (syllabus) Mon / Wed Jun 15 - Jul 22 7pm - 10pm
San FranciscoFull Course - $1650 (syllabus) Mon / Wed Jul 13 - Aug 19 7pm - 10pm
San JoseFull Course - $1650 (syllabus) Tue / Thu Jul 14 - Aug 20 7pm - 10pm
San FranciscoFull Course - $1650 (syllabus) Sat Jul 18 - Aug 22 10am - 5pm
Palo AltoFull Course - $1650 (syllabus) Tue / Thu Jul 28 - Sep 03 5:07pm - 8:07pm
Palo AltoFull Course - $1650 (syllabus) Sat / Sun Aug 08 - Aug 23 10am - 5pm
San FranciscoFull Course - $1650 (syllabus) Mon / Wed Aug 24 - Sep 30 6pm - 9pm