Free ACT Trial Classes

New to the ACT and don’t know what to expect? Want to learn more about our advanced live online test prep format? Our ACT trial class has you covered.

Unlimited Potential

Join Veritas Prep’s free ACT trial class for an introduction to the ACT and to dispel some commonly held myths about the test. Over the course of two hours, one of Veritas Prep’s 99th percentile instructors will teach some of the most effective techniques and strategies for the major sections of the ACT: English, Math, Reading, Science and Writing. After attending this class, you will leave with powerful tips and strategies for the ACT and will understand why preparation is so important for this test.

Your Host: Amanda Brown

Amanda taught high school English for three years and worked as a Manager of Teacher Leadership Development with Teach For America. She loves preparing students for the ACT and also has experience working with students with learning disabilities and IEPs. Before working in education, Amanda attended Pomona College where she majored in Latin American Studies. When not leading classes, Amanda can be found working as a veterinary technician at UC Davis.

This 2-hour session includes:

99 th Percentile Instruction: Instruction by one of our 99th percentile tutors, who will teach you key facts about the ACT to help you boost your score right away
The Veritas Prep Methodology: Emphases on what you can do to take advantage of what you already know

Some of our most powerful strategies for the ACT English, Math, Reading, Science and Writing sections
Opportunity to ask specific questions about the ACT, or review any concepts not already covered, in live time