The greatest achievements start with the

The greatest achievements
start with the


High expectations about motivation

We inspire you so that
you can inspire us.

At Veritas Prep - the founders, the support team at our headquarters, the tutors, the students - we are all high achievers. We get our inspiration from working with other talented and ambitious people. Students choose Veritas Prep if working with accomplished people inspires them. Our tutors love their jobs because of how rewarding it is to help ambitious students achieve their goals.

The tutors’ total mastery of the tests, an award winning curriculum, and sophisticated diagnostic tools all combine to give students their best shot at fulfilling their potential on the SAT or ACT.

“The easy route to a high score.”

“Get started today!”

High expectations about COACHING

Measure twice. Cut once.

From McDonalds to Buzzfeed, we live in a world where a premium is put on ease of access and instant gratification. It’s our mission to inspire you to push yourself further and achieve a higher score than you thought possible. That’s why we believe it’s crucial for us to take the time to get to know you before we tell you what you need to do.

We know that it’s especially important that you have access to the best tutor for you and your learning style. We give you a detailed pre-tutoring evaluation to ensure that you work with a tutor who understands how to inspire the greatest performance in you. We’ve partnered with Blackboard Collaborate so you have access to the best fit tutor (and best technology!) so you can meet one-on-one, even if they’re on the other side of the world.

Step 1

Choose an hourly package or call for advice.

Step 2

We match you with the tutor that’s the best fit for you.

Step 3

Meet with your tutor. The first session is risk free.

High expectations about every tutoring session

You should expect a lot of us, because we expect a lot of you.

Your tutor will continuously track your performance on the problems and diagnostic tests you work on individually through your student account. That allows her to prepare every minute of tutoring to have the greatest possible impact on your SAT or ACT score.

After every meeting your tutor will set very clear homework expectations in your account. You won’t be able to start your next tutoring session until those expectations have been met. Your score will increase during every session, but only if you come as prepared as we do and are willing to work as hard as we are.

Cynthia Wang
Princeton University
Perfect SAT score

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Clio Contogenis
Yale University
99th percentile SAT

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Millin Sekhon
University of Miami
Perfect SAT score

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High expectations about goals

Don’t mistake activity
for achievement.

Many people hire a tutor as a study companion, to offer structure, and to provide problems, skills, and strategies to work on. Your Veritas Prep tutor will provide all of that too, but the difference is we also set very high expectations on your actual achievements on test day as well as throughout our work together.

All the tutors at Veritas Prep have scored in the top 1% on the SAT or ACT to ensure we don’t put any limitations on even the most talented students. Tutors earned their scores not by working hard, but by working smart. Your student account will deliver separate progress reports to you, your tutor, and your parents to ensure we all hold each other accountable to real score progress.

High expectations about your SATISFACTION

Enroll with confidence.

Your first session is completely risk free. If for whatever reason you don’t like the tutor we matched you with, we will immediately pair you with another tutor. The time spent during your first tutoring session will be reinstated, or you can have your money back. No questions asked. No fine print. 3-month payment plans are available on the checkout page.

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Step 2. Pick your package:


12 hours
$2,400 or $817/month An introduction to our approach to SAT or ACT.


24 hours
$4,400 or $1,483/month The perfect balance of self-study and tutoring.


36 hours
$5,900 or $1,983/month If you are applying to the most elite programs.


48 hours
$7,400 or $2,483/month Leave nothing to chance in your preparation.

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