Real Success Stories from Real Students

Veritas Prep invites all of its students to complete a detailed instructor and course evaluation at the end of every SAT and ACT prep course. We review every student survey to ensure that all Veritas Prep instructors continue to meet the company’s strict standards for teaching quality and effectiveness.

Veritas Prep collected the following comments from recent SAT course students, who did not receive any form of compensation for these comments. All score references describe actual final SAT and ACT results, not practice test scores.

World-Class Customer Service and Satisfaction

At Veritas Prep, customer satisfaction matters a great deal to us. After hearing about the customer service horror stories from other SAT Prep companies, we made a commitment to ourselves and to our students to provide a superb service and always do the right thing for the student. We have a dedicated customer experience team whose only job it is to make sure that every client of Veritas Prep has a great experience and would be delighted to recommend us to their colleagues and peers. This is why we measure our effectiveness using the NPS® (Net Promoter Score), a widely-used benchmark that measures customer satisfaction. We ask each of our students after going through our course, “How likely are you to recommend Veritas Prep to a friend or colleague?” The results are then tabulated to a final NPS® score. We are happy to say that our NPS® score is as high as some of the most recognized and reputable companies who are known for their superb customer satisfaction*.

*Data for Veritas Prep collected between 9/1/2013 and 9/30/2013. Data for other companies as of 10/10/2013.

What Our Students Love


“With the online live-video classes and the amazing teachers, the program is very well adapted to center on each individual student’s needs. I credit my improvement fully to Veritas Prep, and once again, I recommend it to everyone looking for any form of SAT preparation.”

Jacob Oster


“With my instructor’s depth of knowledge, especially in the critical reading section, I was able to get an 800. I attribute my success on the SAT largely to Veritas Prep. They helped me reach my goal score.”

Subhani Katugampala


“Our son’s 300 point jump from his Junior PSAT to his final SAT score is a true reflection of Veritas Prep SAT tutoring. The Veritas Prep SAT program truly produced what it promised, and our son’s results are proof of that! Veritas Prep was worth every dollar we spent!”

Brandon Brown


“The SAT 2400 class was probably the best decision I could have made in prepping for the SAT. There were SAT courses in my home area but my mom and I decided to drive two hours every Saturday for 6 weekends at 6 am in order to have Veritas prep. So well worth it and I even made a really close friend in class. I clicked really well with my instructor and classmate and cannot thank them enough. I also utilized the call with a College Advisor who I will be working with to get through college applications. Thank you!”

Caroline Hammer,
Indian Wells, CA


“All of the techniques and strategies taught in this course are awesome. Going through the book I had countless “ah ha” moments and was raising my score with every page I read. I really liked the vocab lists especially. They made it very easy to study vocab wherever I was. The instructors are all incredibly knowledgeable. My score has so far improved by 400 points and still rising!”

Ryan Hill,
Mercer Island, WA


“This is by far the best SAT course ever. The techniques were a lot better. It helped raise my score by about 200 points. I went to Revolution Prep before and Revolution dropped my score.”

Rohan Mital,
West Covina, CA


“I just wanted to thank the Veritas Prep family for helping me with my SAT. I got a 2150 on my March SAT, 2014 test! I got a 790 in the Math section as well. My score improvement was 180 from my previous SAT grade! I am truly thankful to especially Gabe and Geoff. Without their help, this improvement would have been improbable. I am mostly thankful to Shaan Patel for making a very helpful online SAT video course and writing the SAT 2400 in Just 7 Steps book. It was extremely helpful. Thank you everyone.”

Jayanta Mondal,
New York, NY


“The Veritas Prep course was incredibly helpful for me. The strategies that we went over every weekend remarkably helped on my tests, as well as the reviews on the lesson. The practice tests are extremely helpful. I noticed that as I completed more of them my score improved. I feel very prepared for the exam thanks to my instructor. Her attitude also made me feel comfortable in the class and her ability to guide me through every step was extremely helpful.”

Andreina Contreras,
Miami, FL


“The materials were amazing, quick and easy to sit down and understand right away. I loved the 2400 book so much and the way everything was broken down. The practice tests let me see how long the test actually was and when I sat down for the actual test, my anticipation and stress were a lot more relaxed and not as worried about when I would be done. The timing also helps with pacing to get through things. My preparedness was great. My instructor was incredible, very friendly and funny. He used real life examples and made the course a lot more fun with his own quirks.”

Samantha Miccio,
Scotch Plains, NJ


“I feel much more confident in taking the SAT than i did before this course. My instructor was really helpful in explaining everything to me as well as clarifying any and all questions I had. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone seeking to get a high score on the SAT.”

Madhur Sharma,
Albany, CA


“I thought the entire course was great. I learned a lot by going over the strategies in class and by going over various problems that actually used the strategies. I really liked the emphasis on vocabulary. I also thought that making the students take weekly tests was very helpful and I feel that this method allows students to get an idea of how they are improving from week to week. I feel that after the taking the course I am prepared to take the test and to do very well on it. My instructor was great, informative and an all-around nice guy. I would definitely recommend Veritas Prep to others.”

Monserrate DeLeon,
New York, NY


“I found the 2400 strategies guide to be really helpful in preparing for the SAT. Before learning the strategies, I found myself struggling to find the right answers. The practice tests really made the test experience much more relaxing, and I found myself significantly less nervous when taking the exams. My instructor made the learning experience a whole lot better. I believe that the instructors really care about the students’ success on the SAT and work hard to help students master the strategies. Overall, I would recommend Veritas Prep to anyone looking for a great SAT Prep class.”

Christian Waje,
Los Angeles, CA


“It’s an amazing program that will surely benefit you if you need help studying for the SAT. All the material is very useful and the strategies were easy to grasp. My instructor was great and very supportive. I feel more prepared than ever for the exam.”

Christopher Romero,
Los Angeles, CA


“Veritas Prep was truly a unique and helpful experience. I feel more confident in my test taking abilities and even more prepared for the coming SATs.”

Adna Zejnilovic,
Glendale, NY


“The teacher was amazing and really knew what she was talking about. Also the course really taught me a lot about the SATs.”

Brian Webber,
Belmont, MA


“The instructors were top notch which surprised me. I thought we were going to get someone who was instructed to teach the SAT and didn’t really score well, but no our instructors had like 2380 on the test, and some were from Harvard and Yale (graduates). The materials - everything I needed was there. Thank you so much for this opportunity.”

Adeena King,
Arverne, NY


“Veritas Prep is a very detailed and accurate program designed specifically for success on the SAT. During my course, I found that there was never a lack of available resources to help me improve on any section that I needed to improve on. The instructor was always enthusiastic and eager to help out. I would recommend this to all of my friends and family and not to my enemies, because it is guaranteed to give them satisfaction.”

Wahid Ishrar,
North Bethesda, MD


“My instructor was great. He was able to properly explain the material and answer any questions our group had. He was very patient and helped me better understand the strategies that the Veritas Prep course outlines. I strongly recommend my instructor to others.”

Akshay Ratish,
Folsom, CA


“I liked how we were on video and audio in class and he would ask us questions to ensure our participation and understanding. He also addressed any questions we had.”

Stephanie Petros,
Cumming, GA


““I had a great enthusiastic instructor who kept us interested in the course material.”

Jacob Thomas,
Ottawa, Canada


“Great course. The strategies given are awesome!”

Jocelyne Tamayo,
Queens, NY


“It was great! Instructors are super helpful and if you use all of the vast resources you will be confident to take the SAT and improve your score!”

Hattie Gaines,
Philadelphia, PA


“All the strategies prepared me well for the test. The practice tests allowed me to apply them and see how well I learned them.”

Ahsan Choudhury,
New York, NY


“Veritas Prep was good for me during my time crunch the month before my SAT.”

Roxanne Kavosh,
San Jose, CA


“Lots of advice and tips rather than straight drilling, stimulating environment, and easy to follow.”

Chris Li,
Riverside, CT


“I’m very grateful for the many resources that were provided to me. It really was worth it.”

Afsara Ali,
Long Island City, NY


“Honestly Veritas Prep is really good with telling you those top secret strategies that can really help you on the SATs. From answering reading based questions faster to eliminating answer choices, it all adds up to boosting your score.”

Anika Islam,
Long Island City, NY


“The classes are very organized. There is practice problems for everything and you are able to go over everything in class in a group.”

Meron Aklilu,
Springfield, VA


“Through Veritas Prep I was able to solve problems that had previously stumped me on the SAT. The program helped me realize that that SAT is really not that difficult at all.”

Hardat Baraf,
Jamaica, NY


“I loved my instructor. I have learned more from her than I have from teachers at my school. I feel prepared for the test and I know I will do a lot better than I would without Veritas Prep.”

Adam Oler,
Pasadena, CA


“It was a great experience that has prepared me not only for the SAT but has also taught me general thinking methods.”

Brooke Maloney,
Phelan, CA


“This course is very helpful, and I enjoy the experience I’ve had with Veritas Prep. I feel better prepared for my exam than before.”

Sarah Thompson,
Wappingers Falls, NY


“The strategies are very applicable and my scores have improved vastly.”

Bella Densmore,
Bellevue, WA


“This course was great. It improved my writing, reading and math skills greatly. The instructor was an amazing teacher who constantly helped the students achieve in any way possible. The learning environment was great. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to boost up their SAT scores.”

Diana Chaimov,
Regal Park, NY


“Veritas Prep’s distinct SAT strategies, including the system of vocabulary memorization, helped me maximize my SAT preparation.”

Brett Richey,
Pasadena, CA


“My Veritas Prep experience was one I am very grateful for. My instructor was incredibly helpful, and the course materials were more than substantial. Practice tests, online videos, workbooks, and vocabulary lists were all provided. Due to this program, I feel very prepared for my SAT!”

Briana Crawley,
Rahway, New Jersey


“I was incredibly surprised to realize that even after the first session my SAT score improved. I thought it would take time to develop my skills, but I saw rapid improvement. The instructor knew what he was talking about and was extremely helpful.”

Harper Vickery,
Austin, TX


“Veritas Prep really helped me with my SAT prep. I felt very confident when I took my SAT’s. Thank You so Much!!”

Morgan Mitchell,
New York, NY


“Veritas Prep was very helpful and caring in every way. From the teacher to the e-mails, it all fell into place and built a basis for me as a prep student.”

Rimon Hossain,
Los Angeles, CA


“Overall, I loved this course. It really helped me look at SAT from a different perspective. Practice makes Perfect. The practice tests really helped me.”

Katherine Mathews,
Scarsdale, NY


“Veritas was very helpful. The practice tests, homework and vocabulary was useful to me, and I liked my instructor.”

Lauren Wolfe,
Coopersburg, PA


“My instructor was very focused and always able to answer all of my questions and explain them thoroughly. I feel much more confident about how to tackle the sat, and know the tips and tricks to survive it.”

Madisen Norton,
Littleton, CO