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We love the SAT and find our inspiration in showing high achievers how to unlock its secrets and their potential. Most SAT apps give you a feeling of accomplishment by checking boxes as you progress through their program and feeding you problems that are only superficially similar to what you’ll face on the SAT. Since 2002, the Veritas Prep’s courses have been geared towards those applying to the most competitive programs. As a result, we have developed the most effective strategies for ambitious students and the most realistic problems a high scorer will face on test day.

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The SAT is different from most tests you take in school: You don’t have to show your work, there’s no partial credit, and often the testmakers include clues (for those who recognize them) and traps (for those who aren’t paying enough attention) in ways that your teachers typically don’t. This is why the Veritas Prep SAT On Demand program is different from most other self-study programs. To help students fulfill their SAT score potential, we employ a teaching method best explained with the pyramid pictured below.

Think Like The Testmaker™ is a way of knowing all the shortcuts and advantages available to you, and of making sure you look out for the traps that are common to each type of question.

Have you ever seen a test question for which you know you know all the rules/formulas/ facts but you’re just not sure how to get started? This is when you use Skills Meet Strategies™.

The SAT tests a finite range of skills, some of which you learned long enough ago to have forgotten and perhaps others that you haven’t quite covered yet in school. Skillbuilders™ ensure that you’ve seen all of the skills that the SAT can test you on.

Jamie Z
On Demand student
SAT score: 1350

Veritas Prep is an extremely helpful service. The site is easily navigated and everything a student needs to be successful is both online and in text. The official practice tests are undoubtedly more helpful than those heavy, bulky, unofficial, $20 books you get at bookstores and, when combined with the coherent video lessons, and practice problems with fully worked out solutions, this program will certainly pay for itself as testing day rolls around. Many of my friends spent their entire summers in a classroom program learning about and studying for the SAT; even without those absurd amounts of time, this program gave me both the knowledge and confidence to do well on the SAT.

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Reality - Expectations = Happiness

At Veritas Prep we have a culture of underpromising and overdelivering. What we obsess most over every day is ensuring our students get the service and the scores they expect... and then some. Start your free trial today. No credit card required. >

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ACT On Demand is included for free.

When your purchase the SAT On Demand course, you also get free access to ACT On Demand included for 12 months. No hidden fees. No fine print. We only want our students to be completely covered, even if their plans change.

Lead by the author of our SAT and ACT curriculums, Brian Galvin, who has more than 10,000 hours of teaching experience, the 20 hours of video lessons teach every strategy, method, and skill needed to ace the ACT.

You even get homework help seven days a week.


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Based on popular demand, we are now proud to offer a 3-month payment plan without fees to help students defer some of the cost.


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