Preparing for the PSAT with Veritas Prep SAT 2400

Most schools require their Sophomores to take a practice PSAT and all Juniors to take an official PSAT administration in October of each year. The PSAT is exactly the same as the SAT except there are half as many multiple choice sections and no written essay section. As a result, the PSAT takes only about half the time to take as compared to the SAT. Other than that, the types of questions asked on the PSAT are identical to those on the SAT (with the exception of Algebra II which is tested on the SAT but not the PSAT), and the strategies in Veritas Prep SAT 2400 will be just as effective for your PSAT preparation.

While colleges don’t require students to report results for the PSAT, the test is excellent practice for the SAT and can also qualify students for the National Merit Scholarship. If a student scores in the top 1% in their state on the PSAT, they are automatically National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalists. Winners of the National Merit Scholarship can receive scholarship money towards college as well as put the achievement on their academic record for other scholarships as well as job and college applications. High-achieving students typically start with Veritas Prep SAT 2400 at the start of their Sophomore year to get a head start on preparing for both the PSAT and SAT.

What Does Each PSAT Section test?

 Critical ReadingMathWriting
Number of Questions483839
Types of QuestionsSentence Completions (13)
Critical Reading (35)
Multiple-Choice (28)
Student-Produced Response (10)
Identifying Sentence Errors (14)
Improving Sentences (20)
Improving Paragraphs (5)
ContentVocabulary, Reading ComprehensionOperations, Algebra and Functions (No Algebra II), Geometry, Data Analysis, Probability, StatisticsGrammar, Sentence Construction, Logical Meaning, Effective Writing


Time3 hours 45 minutes2 hours 10 minutes
Written EssayYesNo
Total Questions170125
Scoring600 to 240060 to 240
SignificanceCollege ApplicationsNational Merit Scholarship Qualification*
*Students who score in the top 1% of their state on the PSAT qualify as a semi-finalist for the National Merit Scholarship.

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