The Highest Standard in ACT Prep

Course Details Veritas Prep Kaplan Princeton Review Revolution Prep
Instructional hours 36 18 18 18
Curriculum Developed With Leading School Districts - - -
Minimum Instructor Percentile 99th 90th - 95th
Emphasis on Math and Science - - -
Official ACT Practice Tests 6 0 0 0
No Hassle Money Back Guarantee - - -

The Veritas Prep ACT 36 Strategies

Most ACT prep programs focus on content because the ACT is supposed to be a content-based test. The highest ACT scorers, however, go beyond content. They use reasoning skills to tackle the toughest questions on the test. Only Veritas Prep’s 36-hour ACT prep curriculum gives you the classroom time you need to cover all the content you need to succeed on the ACT plus all the strategy you need to attain an elite score.

  • The Open-Book Science Method Learn how to read ACT Science passages as if there were no science at all
  • CUFS The stepwise approach to identifying the key pieces of evidence for every ACT Reading question
  • PIN Learn how to answer the most complex ACT algebra questions with simple arithmetic
  • TAC Find out how to use the ACT’s own answer choices against it

“Veritas Prep provides top-notch ACT prep with accessible, crisply-written, easily adaptable lessons that engage students in a way that goes beyond simply ‘beating the test.’ Unlike many test prep programs, there is real substance here to improve student achievement.”
- Rory Hughes, English Department Chair at Redford Thurston High School, Michigan

Get the Veritas Prep ACT Edge

We spent almost a year consulting with leading school districts and education leadership programs such as University of Michigan’s Graduate School of Education to design the perfect learning environment for high school students wishing to excel on the ACT. With multiple Master of Education degree holders on our development team, we arrived at the magic formula for peak performance, SSP: Skill, Strategy, Performance.

In order to keep engagement high and our students constantly moving toward their goals, each lesson is segmented into three sections. First, we cover the essential Skills necessary to navigate the content in every ACT question. Next, we introduce a Veritas Prep ACT 36 strategy to simplify the processing requirements on tougher test questions. Finally, students have a chance to synthesize the skills and strategies they’ve just learned on real ACT sections, which are subsequently reviewed in detail with an instructor who has scored in the 99th percentile on the real ACT.

One ACT prep curriculum.
Two ways to learn.

Option 1: Classroom

ACT 36

Interact with your classmates.

  • Flagship 36-hour course
  • In person or online
  • All live instruction
  • $750

Option 2: One-On-One

Private Tutoring

Customized to fit your needs.

  • Private ACT instruction
  • In person or online
  • Works with your schedule
  • $2,900 – $6,800

Option 3: Self-Study

On Demand

Study at your own pace.

  • HD video lessons
  • Pause, fast forward and rewind
  • Includes homework support
  • $390 $290

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